RUN DAY JULY 28th 2024 - Registration form is now closed

Our next Pulic Run will be August 25th, registration will open Sunday evening August 11th at 7pm

We operate a registration system for a limited number of places to improve the experience for all.
More details are published on our Facebook Page for updates on the schedule.
Thank you for your support

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Founded in 1971, the St. Croix Railroad (SCRR) is a hobby organization primarily dedicated to Miniature Railroads, though any form of Model Engineering is welcome - Traction Engines, Boats, Stationary Engines, Internal Combustion, or even unpowered models. We have approximately ten acres of land, of which nine is occupied by three discrete railroad lines in 7½ inch gauge, 4¾ inch gauge and a mixed gauge elevated track with 5, 4¾, 3½, 2½ and 1¼ inch gauges. Locomotives are Live Steam, diesel, gasoline and battery powered.

The SCRR is not a commercial amusement attraction - it is a 501(c)(3) educational corporation on privately held land. We do, however, operate monthly open days on the last Sunday of the month in the summer when we share the hobby with people interested in Railroads and other Model Engineering.

Event details are published on our facebook page, click on the facebook icon at the bottom of this page (facebook account not required to look at our page)